Planned Maintenance

FACT. Planned maintenance reduces breakdowns          and prolongs the life of the equipment.

Maintenance by computer

In today’s world breakdowns can prove to be very costly, not only in direct repair costs but also in damaged goods and down time.

Planned maintenance or your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment can reduce running costs and can alleviate problems such as unpleasant smells.

Most importantly, correct planned maintenance ensures equipment is retained in a safe working condition, thereby preventing potentially fatal risks such as electric shocks, food poisoning and even legionnaires disease.

Our commitment to our clients does not end after supply and installation
We regard installation as just the beginning.
Breezecool is dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients and planned maintenance forms an important of this relationship.

Our air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration planned maintenance schemes can be tailored to your specific requirements and range from a simple bi-annual visit to a fully comprehensive maintenance and breakdown services with dedicated on-site engineers.

Many manufacturers now offer 3 year warranties. However, this is usually subject to their equipment being properly maintained. If a maintenance contract is signed to cover equipment we have installed, we will also warranty our installation for 36 months to compliment
the manufacturers warranty.

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